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Mrs. Berzina is an American contemporary artist. She has studied at the Art Students League of New York with prominent artists MaryBeth McKenzie, Peter Cox, Ronnie Landfield and Margaret McCain, among others. She is an active member of Art Students League and Valley Arts District.

Mrs. Berzina is an honorable recipient of the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club merit grant as a women professional artist. She was also recently awarded a prestigious Lloyd Sherwood grand for her abstract series “The reflection of the light”. Mrs. Berzina’s paintings are in private collections and public spaces in NYC metro area. She is currently working on both commissioned artwork and a new series of abstract paintings exploring mesmerizing interactions of light and color, their reflections, shadows and harmony.

Mrs. Berzina’s art is influenced by early impressionism and adepts of impasto. She draws inspiration from classic architecture forms and art history and combines painterly directness with the condensing of the representational details.

The strong and structured paintings reveal assertive and recognizable style. Employing different painting techniques, vibrant colors, geometrical shapes and lines the artist creates multi-layered images that are almost sculptural. Mrs. Berzina's fascination with architecture and design has inspired a series of abstract paintings and cityscapes. The process that she has developed respects classic form and bridges the gap between fine art and contemporary design.


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